Sotol Ultra Premium – 750 ml

Hacienda de Chihuahua H5

100% Wild Harvested Agavacea Aged to taste. 5 years old | Extra añejo. Single french barrel bottled.

We are proud to offer to those who appreciate great taste, Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua Extra-Añejo H5, one of the finest spirits in the world.

It’s cooking, fermentation, distillation, and maturing process is meticulously overseen by doctor enologist José Daumas, graduated from the world renowned Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique of Montpellier, France.

Embodying the crown jewel of the Hacienda de Chihuahua sotol family, this fascinating spirit is fermented with champagne yeast and aged in new french white oak barrels for at least 5 years, providing an extraordinary richness in its fine and unique scent and taste.

One of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages