The Chihuahua-based company Sotol Hacienda reached markets in the United States, France, Spain and Chile, Colombia and Singapore, informed the general director Enrique Elías.

In an interview he said that this year they will bet with more strength to the market niche of the sotol creams with nut and chocolate, of which, it has now more than 200 thousand liters and the expectation is to grow in a 50 percent the production.

He pointed out that the local and national market received these products well and especially abroad, so that more than 60 percent of the production is basically positioned in other countries.

Enrique Elías said that due to the issue of the parity between the peso and the dollar, exports represent 80 percent of the company’s income.

He stressed that although sales abroad offer greater income due to the strong devaluation of the national currency, the company still has faith in the domestic market, since it is here that the company was born and seeks to generate that anchorage.

The general director informed that Sotol Hacienda currently occupies more than 100 people, between production, field, administrative and sales.

He informed that there are few “players” in the sale of creams based on spirits, among which are Beylis, Starbucks, Carolains and Tequila Cuervo, among others.

He said that the company is doing well with its creams, of combining sotol and nut and now with Mexican chocolate, which obtains a delicious fusion of flavors, and has been well received by the local, national and international market.

He said that in this drink they are very careful not to dominate the sotol, nut or chocolate, in order to offer a good product, a pleasure for ladies and gentlemen.

The general director said that there is an interesting growth of these products in the interior of the republic and exemplified that Mexico City brings an increase of 96 percent during the first quarter.

He pointed out that he is now targeting other markets around that square, such as Puebla, among others.

Enrique Elias added that the company has its sights set on the United States, in the market represented by the naval, air force and navy bases, such as Fort Bliss, Miramar, West Point, among others.

Finally, he stated that the company seeks to put Chihuahua on the top of the list with its sotol and cream products, high quality beverages with international recognition.

Published by: Newsweek Mexico

Published On: December 10, 2020Categories: International, Sotol hacienda